Exclusive Greenhouse Offering!

21.052 Acres with State of the Art Greenhouse!

21.052 Acres with State of the Art Greenhouse Operation! No expense has been spared with these facilities, 3.49 acres of Venlo Greenhouse built in 2019. The facility is fully automated with climate control and nutrient delivery systems, full irrigation systems, horticultural lighting systems, shading curtains, humidity control systems, heating systems, and cooler systems. There are 10 grow rooms each measuring 126 x 82 and an open office area. This setup was designed for organic growing and fits requirements needed for cannabis cultivation, including environmental control, production, safety, and security protocols. The current offering is for greenhouse infrastructure on leased land (30-year lease) with standard licenses for cannabis cultivation and processing for lands and facilities.
Lot Acres 21.052
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Exclusive Greenhouse Offering!
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