Big Game Territory - South Chilcotin
Big Game Territory
Region : Northern BC
City : Chilcotin Forest, BC
Province : British Columbia
Country : Canada

Big Game Territory in the South Chilcotin Mountains.

Turn Key Guide Outfitting Business

30 years of operational history with well-established operational systems, including International Marketing System - booking agents, mail list, clubs and chapters, past guests, inquiries etc. An operational system including Seasonal Maps for each species seasonal use, travel route and hideout areas and favourite spots, road access routes, trail heads, high country trails and best camping locations.

Wildlife Management Units (WMU)

3-32, 3-33, 5-03, 5-04, 2-1

Game Species in Territory

California bighorn sheep, mountain goat, moose, mule deer, whitetail deer, blacktail deer black bear, grizzly bear, mountain lion, lynx, bobcat, wolf, coyote, upland birds, waterfowl, fishing. Eco-tour options available.
Hunts Conducted By Vehicle, Foot, Horse
- California bighorn sheep: 1.5 months from Sept. - Oct.
- Mountain goat: 2 months from Sept. - Oct.
- Moose: 2 months from Oct. - Nov.
- Mule deer (whitetail and blacktail deer): 3.5 months from Sept. - Dec.
- Bear: spring bear 2.5 months from April 15 - June 30; fall bear most in Sept.
- Cougar: 4.5 months from Nov. - Mar.
- Lynx/bobcat: 3 months from Nov. - Feb.
- Wolf/coyote: 12 months year around
- Duck/geese: 2 months from Sept - Oct.
- Grouse: 2 months from Sept. - Oct.

Operational Cycle

12 months a year: 10 months hunting; 2 months maintenance - improvement program
Conservation and Stewardship of Territory
The area has been heavily managed by the outfitters for the last 150 years with game management, access management, logging management and mine management.  Road access management, burns for predator control, winter range, wildlife.  Collection on all species, regulation and management input to government annually.
Conservation projects - the outfitter participates in conservation, stewardship and research projects including:
- DNA collection of Californian bighorn sheep, mountain goats, Canadian moose, black bear, grizzly bear and upland birds
- Mule deer and moose winter habitat enhancement
- Feasibility study into mountain goat transplant


The region has access by two main highways - Whistler and Vancouver to the south, and Lillooet leading to the interior of British Columbia.  Access by road is 3 hours from Whistler, and 5.5 hours from Vancouver.  It is 1 hour by plane from Vancouver International Airport, and a half-an-hour from Whistler by helicopter or plane.


South Chilcotin Mountain Region
The region has a mild four-season climate nestled on the lee side of the Coast Range Mountains in the Chilcotin Mountain Ranges.  These are unique glaciated mountains rising to 9,500 ft elevation, and averaging 7,500 ft.  These are hospitable mountains, with easy access.  The tree line is approximately 6,500 ft.  The alpine is the most valued area with over 1,000 Alpine Basins, each carpeted in lush wildflowers and each with its own big-game species.  These mountain ranges are referred to as the "Rainbows" because of the mineralization that produces more colors than that of the rainbow.
Trading routes through mountain passes were created centuries ago.  The prospectors and guides developed the area and many activities are a repeat of history. Travel the same trails, camp in the same meadows, and view grizzlies feeding on the same white park pine nuts on the same mountain.


Please see mapping section - all boundaries are approximate.


SLRD, Squamish Lillooet Regional District 


Guiding Territory Certificate 300711
Park Use Permit No. 108890
Available Date 12/17/2019
Zoning SLRD
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Big Game Territory - South Chilcotin
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